How to fix website pop-up adware on Android (

How to fix website pop-up adware on Android (

I’m posting this because this adware has become quite pervasive, if a cursory Google search is to be taken as any indication.

If you’re suffering from articles popping up out of nowhere on your Android device, the culprit (or one of them, at least) is the app Save & Repost for Instagram.

TL;DR: Delete Save & Repost for Instagram: it’s infected with adware.

I started hunting for the source of this adware when it persisted even after clearing my Chrome cache and data. I decided to head into my Apps settings, and look for any suspicious entries.

At this point, everything seemed quite vanilla; though upon closer inspection I was surprised by the activity of one app that I have not used for months: Save & Repost for Instagram.

I downloaded this app about a year ago, as a tool for a social media freelance contract I was working on. I haven’t had an application clear-out for a while now, and so the software had been lying dormant on my phone for quite some time.

It turns out, the app wasn’t so dormant after all, just look at the data and memory usage statistics!

I still wasn’t sure that this app was the culprit, but I didn’t need or want the app anymore, so I went ahead and deleted it.

2 days later, and has yet to bother me. It seems that the adware has gone.

After checking the Play Store, it’s clear that many other users are suffering the adware too:

I hope this helps some other Android users. Let me know below either way.

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