Don’t Get Ripped Off: SSL Certificates are Free

Don’t Get Ripped Off: SSL Certificates are Free

Just a quick note on SSL certificates: the security certificates issued to a domain that turn it from lame old http:// to https://.

They’re important in signalling that your website is secure, and popular browsers such as Google Chrome (the most popular broswer) are rolling out drastic warning screens to users trying to access sites without one:

SSL Warning Chrome Example
Without a valid SSL, visitors to your site may see a screen like this.

This has caused quite a panic among a lot of website owners, who are now trying to get hold of an SSL certificate ASAP. As is normally the case with ‘technical’ matters, many companies have stepped in to offer a hand, at a great cost to site owners.

GoDaddy, for example, offers to issue an SSL certificate for a special introductory price of £43.99/yr, rising to £54.99 every year thereafter.

SSL Certificates are ALWAYS FREE.

Once more: there is no cost inherent to an SSL Certificate: they are available freely.

Services that take a hefty fee for issuing and installing an SSL will often attempt justify their fee with claims of man hours or labour, however the truth is that any web host like GoDaddy can (or could) deploy SSLs automatically.

Luckily, organisations such as LetsEncrypt are doing an excellent job of spreading awareness about SSL certificates, and many web hosts have teamed up with them to provide one-click SSL certification.

SiteGround, for example, allows you to deploy an SSL certificate via LetsEncrypt for free, and will update the certificate every time it is within 30 days of expiring.

Even if your host does not support free one-click SSL setup, LetsEncrypt provides information on how to get an SSL certificate on your site, for free, in virtually any situation.

Perhaps this is just another reason to not give your custom to a money-grabbing host such as GoDaddy.

If you need help installing an SSL certificate to your website/domain, let me know and I will point you to the relevant resources.

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