Web: London Geographies

A digital archive of cultural geography essays.

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I was commissioned by an LSE Professor to create this site, which aims to share the academic output of LSE geography students with the world.

I decided that the design should be as clean as possible, to allow visitors to focus on the content; especially given the long-read article format.

The bulk of the site is geared toward allowing users to navigate the archive of works. To do so, I provide three options: map, category, and search.


The map is the heart of the project: it allows visitors to visualise the archive in a spatial manner, which is especially important given the focus of the content.

London Geographies Map Ipad

The homepage of the website features the map. Each blue circle represents an article that can be clicked-through.

Other Browsing Options

Some users may prefer to browse articles by category, or to perform a keyword search. Both of these options are prominent on the homepage, and throughout the site via the right sidebar.

Categories Android Sample

Simple category buttons

Sidebar Options

The sidebar floats to the right-hand side of the articles page, allowing easy navigation


I decided to keep the design of the website simple. I used clean typography, and formatted the long-read articles in a consistent manner to enhance readability and make images pop.

Responsive Designs

Responsive design, enhancing readability and making images beautiful on every screen

Other Features

I included some extra features to improve the user experience. One addition that I’m really pleased with is the reading progress bar and reading time estimate. The estimated read time is displayed at the top of each article, while the progress bar is displayed at the top of the screen to give visual feedback to the user.

I also created the functionality for the website owner to invite others to submit blog posts. Prospective authors may log on to a secure area and draft their blog post, which is then sent to the site owner/administrator for approval. This will greatly improve the efficiency of authoring and sharing new articles, while maintaining the integrity of the site via careful selection of user privileges.