Press Releases

I have written press releases for a number of clients, and assisted with distribution. I offer a comprehensive service, right through from consultation to distribution.


This is perhaps the most important stage, where I have the chance to fully understand the organisation and the story. This usually takes place via a phone call.

I’m looking for specific details that will make the story convincing, and to understand any angles or nuances you wish to include.


This is where I get to work.

Press reviews should be short and sweet, but comprehensive. This is achieved via the use of the Five Ws approach as a framework, an industry standard employed by – and thus understood by – journalists.

Journalists receive high volumes of prospects, so they must also look professional and include a persuasive title and tag line. All copy is original and unique, avoiding cliché where possible.


I hand the first draft to the client, who gives me their feedback. I work on the Release until it’s ready to… release!

The number of revisions can be fixed or unlimited; it depends on the terms set out in the project contract.


Where requested, I have delivered the press release to relevant press contacts.

Regardless, I tend to include an email/letter template for the client to use when reaching out to media professionals.