SEO and Reputation Management

SEO Expert, Protecting Your Online Reputation

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) has changed drastically over the last decade, as Google continuously rolls out increasingly sophisticated ranking algorithms. The days of artificial link-building and keyword-stuffing are in the past, doing more damage to your ranking than good.

I have worked on multiple SEO projects, and continue to provide SEO and Reputation Management for a number of private and business clients today. SEO nowadays requires a focus on fresh, quality content, making it an intensive process. I provide both on-page and off-page SEO.

On-Page SEO

Before attempting to build presence off-site, it is important for your site itself to have a good standing in order to begin to rank well. This means that images must be optimised and scripts minified to reduce page-load times (Google dislikes slow sites!), inserting rich data into the back-end of your site, and other processes such as checking keyword density and content readability.

This also includes the ongoing publishing of fresh, quality, content, such as blog posts and site updates. I provide content-writing, and am experienced in ensuring I use the optimum keyword density and contextualisation in order to achieve the best SEO prospects.

Off-Page SEO

Your site may be great, and feature lots of excellent content, but if there’s no ‘buzz’ surrounding it on the broader web, its SEO chances remain low. Off-page SEO consist of social media management, AdWords campaigns, and other marketing techniques that are designed to generate organic links to your site.

I have been practicing SEO for over 5 years, and have witnessed the great changes in how Search Engines, particularly Google, rank websites. I’ve seen many businesses and individuals be ripped-off for artificial link-building services, only to be black-listed by Google’s algorithm. The only way to improve your Search Engine rankings is to hire an SEO expert, who will optimise your site using only approved techniques, and consistently deliver quality, optimised content to your site and social presences.

The SEO industry lacks formal accreditation options, due to its ever-changing nature. However, I have been awarded an Online Marketing Certification endorsed by Google and the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) Europe.