Web: Antilia Homes

I recently redesigned the Antilia Homes website, delivering a more stylish, and more responsive, experience.

The homepage features a large slider, showcasing new properties and high-quality photos.


The website is designed with the Antilia Homes house colours in mind, and has a stylish, neat finish.

The footer is neat, with the house-colour accent featured on the ‘submit’ button.

Headers are distinguished by modern serif fonts, while body text is sans-serif. This reflects Antilia Homes’ synthesis of class and modernity.

Features: Specific to Real Estate

Many of the features on this site are specific to the real estate client, such as 3D property tours and agent contact forms.

3D Tours are an exciting new feature, and Antilia Homes is one of the first developers in Ottawa to use it. I integrated the Tour into the website, meaning users on every device can embark on an immersive virtual tour of Antilia properties without leaving their living room.

Agent contact forms live at the bottom of every property page, increasing conversions on enquiries.

At the header of every property page, an interactive map allows visitors to toggle local amenities. This enables prospective clients to see the proximity to schools, supermarkets, transport links, etc.

Features: General

The site also some more common tools such as contact forms and newsletter sign-ups.

Contact form with reCAPTCHA integrated, to prevent spam.

Newsletter sign-up boxes are integrated with MailChimp, making email list-building a breeze.

 Optimisation and Hosting

I optimised the website in order to achieve speedy page-loads and good search rankings. This included optimisation of images, minifying javascript and CSS, and removing any bulky front-loading code.

I also migrated to a new host to improve server response times, and the overall result of these optimisations has been an excellent PageSpeed score.